Using Ino

Ino is a command line toolkit that can be used instead of the Arduino IDE. The project page is at Inotool. There are some things about the setup that aren't obvious at first and there's a bug in version 0.3.6 that prevents it from working properly on the GertDuino. I'm assuming that you've done all of the setup for the GertDuino and gotten the serial working. The first thing you need to do is install a couple of packages.

sudo pip install ino
sudo apt-get install picocom

Now, create a file in your home directory called


that contains the following two lines

serial-port = /dev/ttyAMA0
board-model = gertduino328

To fix the bug you have to edit


Comment out line 132 so that it looks like this

# '-D',

Now you should be able to run the demos on the quickstart page.
If you want to program the ATmega48 instead of the ATmega328, change gertduino328 to gertduion48 in the .inorc file or create a file in the project directory called



board-model = gertduino48